I would like to thank you for the resulting letter of apology from the health trust. However small those results may seem I have taken great comfort in drawing closure over a part of my life I can now put to rest.

Medical Equipment Failures

Manufacturers are responsible for following strict regulatory guidelines intended to protect consumers from defective medical equipment and in this way we, as consumers, should feel confident that the equipment being used is safe.

The 1987 Consumer Protection Act sets down strict safety laws that govern all products produced and sold, including medical equipment and devices.  Unfortunately not all manufacturers and suppliers abide by these rules. There are still products sold which are not suitable for use and which may cause harm to users.

Product Liability Claims

If these responsibilities are breached and you become ill or injured due to medical equipment failure , and it is possible to prove that the equipment or device was defective, you may be able to make a product liability claim.

Product liability claims can be wide-ranging and can be related to negligence in the manufacture or testing of the equipment, or the equipment itself may be found to be defective.  This means it has an adverse effect on the user.  Examples of medical equipment failure might include machinery failure, or defective medical devices such as hip joints, heart valves, or breast implants.

To succeed in these claims, it is necessary to prove that the equipment is sub-standard and to prove that this has caused injury or illness. This is often difficult and the cases can be extremely complex. For this reason it is important to have a solicitor with appropriate experience and expertise in product liability claims, which is where our solicitors can help.

De Puy metal on metal hip implants

We are currently working for a number of clients who have been fitted with faulty De Puy ASR Hip implants. These implants have a high failure rate and have been recalled by the manufacturer.

Have you been fitted with a De Puy ASR or ASR XL hip replacement device? Learn how we could help you

Problems with Defibrillators

In recent years, we have been investigating claims on behalf of patients suffering from faulty defibrillators.

Patients fitted with defective defibrillators often suffer inappropriate electric shocks to heart, which in some cases led to a loss of consciousness.

There have been several manufacturer recalls, and we can confirm the following defibrillators have been affected:

  • Sprint Fidelis (Medtronic)
  • Riata and Riata ST (St Jude Medical)
  • Bipolar QuickSite and QuickFlex (St Jude Medical)

To speak to us about claiming compensation for pain caused by a faulty defibrillators, call us on 0800 0920 301 or contact us online.