I would like to thank you for the resulting letter of apology from the health trust. However small those results may seem I have taken great comfort in drawing closure over a part of my life I can now put to rest.

Tessa Hodson

Location: Manchester

Tessa is a recognised clinical negligence specialist solicitor with over 8 years experience in the legal profession. Her career to date has been focused on Claimant representation and over the years she has gained a wealth of experience in all areas of medical treatment.

Tessa has pursued successful compensation claims in relation to treatment afforded to clients at NHS Trusts, private hospitals and by nursing/general practitioners. The detail of the cases she has handled includes severe brain injury arising from birth trauma; fatal claims resulting from surgical error; delay in diagnosis and treatment of cancer; and long term disability as a result of substandard orthopaedic treatment.

Tessa is passionate and committed to ensuring that where medical negligence has taken place her clients receive the recompense that they deserve.